Patient Testimonials

Thank you to our wonderful patients for writing these kind words.

I would like to take this time and thank you guys so much for the service I had done today. From the beginning your staff was very welcoming and had a great bubbly attitude. Dr. Mack was AWESOME, very funny guy, and makes you feel right at home. I would most definitely refer all my friends and family to your establishment. Again thanks for the painless and great service. You and your staff were fantastic and very genuine.
Jude Sanchez

If you’re looking for an oral surgeon, look no further. Dr. Mack is the best, most qualified, most talented, and kindest oral surgeon you can find in this city. I came to the office frazzled and in tons of pain. From the first second, he was extremely accommodating and comforting. I've been to other dentists/oral surgeons, where I was poked and prodded aggressively. However, at my consult Dr. Mack lightened the mood, was sensitive to my pain, and scheduled me for surgery the the very next day! I was very nervous, for I had never had surgery or gone under heavy anesthesia before, but my roommate who picked me up said I was laughing after the procedure and kept saying how great Dr. Mack was! I was having a difficult recovery (I always tend to) over the weekend when the office was closed; however, Dr. Mack met me at the office on Saturday to look at my extraction site. I am blown away at the talent of Dr. Mack, but above all else, I am most impressed by his personal skills and hospitality. The office is clean and the staff is professional and personable as well. My only complaint is that I don't have to go to this office for regular check ups! Do yourself a favor and make the call. It will be worth it.
Ashley Kim

Coming from a patient that procrastinated the extraction of my wisdom teeth for over 10 years because I was 'afraid' of oral surgery, I would recommend Dr. Joe Mack to anyone that is in need of an oral surgeon. He sincerely cares about you as the patient. I cannot say enough great things about his office, his staff and Dr. Joe Mack. They are absolutely wonderful.
Amanda Wilson

I just wanted to write and say thank you, Dr. Mack. You placed an implant for my top front tooth almost twenty years ago, and I had to have it tightened for the first time today.The original procedure was somewhat complicated and took multiple visits, but even as a nervous teenager I always felt comfortable and safe in your care. The tightening today reminded me of how grateful I am to have this tooth and to have had such a good experience so many years ago. Thank you for being kind, compassionate, funny and so skilled at what you do.
Take care,
Molly Murphy

Dr Mack, I was so nervous when i walked into your office today but right off the bat your receptionist Erica was extremely nice. Then i went back to the room i was having my wisdom tooth taken out in and your nurse was so wonderful to me and made me feel so comfortable. Then i met you. Your the nicest, kindest and funniest doctor ive EVER met. I had no worries about anything as soon as you spoke to me. And your wife was so sweet to when she took time to come say hello to me. I didnt feel a thing and you took wonderful care of me. And when i was leaving the other two nurses up front were so kind to me as well. So Dr Mack i wanted to say thank you again for everything and thank you to all your nurses and staff. I will refer you to ANYONE who needs dental work and wants a GREAT job done.

Hi Dr. Mack!
Thank you sir so much for your delightful kindness to me! I am extremely grateful for your enthusiastic, uplifting attitude, thoughtfully touching patient care, superb knowledgeably and going-above-and-beyond surgical techniques and apparatus. As a premed, I feel very inspired by you. You remind me of the movie Patch Adams :) Your patient care is so good and impeccable that I’d almost want to have my wisdom teeth pulled out by you again, just almost, haha! I am equally grateful for your staff for their uplifting kindness and friendly helpfulness. They made me feel very welcomed. You are truly one of the best doctors I have ever met in my years of being a patient and a premed.
Very gratefully,
Yichuan Wang

Hi Again:) TRULY AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Truly Amazing Dentist. I recently had an emergency while visiting from Los Angeles. Dr. Mack removed my lower wisdom tooth without ANY sedation. I have had a lot of medical procedures in the past two years and I did not want more pills or anesthesia. I was SO afraid to have the tooth removed I could barely walkinto his office. I was truly terrified. Dr. Mack is a perfect blend of Angel, Dentist and magician! I am not easy to calm down and pretty difficult to please. My regular dentist is a "Dentist to the Stars" in Beverly Hills, CA. Yeah, I'm fussy. Dr. Mack far exceeded my expectations and his staff is outstanding. You will LOVE Erika. That cute little "giggle box" could probably coax anyone into a dentist office! YOU ARE IN THE BEST HANDS IN NASHVILLE. Trust me. Dr. Mack ROCKS and I am really grateful. Thank you Dr. Joe and your wonderful staff:)
Lynn C from Hollywood, CA

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